North Shore House

Designed in collaboration with Marshall Cook, this award-winning home tumbles down a challenging yet spectacularly beautiful site overlooking the Rangitoto Channel. From the street level entrance a generous stair concentrates views on the dramatic seascape beyond the glazed double-height living-dining volume. Upstairs bedrooms are articulated as an internal streetscape that further focuses views through the house.

The kitchen, an adjoining sitting area and a separate night lounge are carved out from beneath the upstairs bedrooms, the change in ceiling height adding to the internal spatial drama. All three spaces can be independently concealed behind a sliding timber wall, while a level change defines an adjacent children's play area overlooking a pool and terrace. A rich palette of materials has been intricately crafted to create an elegant piece of architecture.

‘A rich palette of materials has been intricately detailed, resulting in a beautifully crafted elegant piece of architecture which maximises the experiences of the site.’ — NZIA award citation

Photography: Patrick Reynolds

2008 NZIA Local Award