Guy Tarrant Architects


Photo of Guy Tarrant
  • Registered Architect
  • Member of the New Zealand Insitute of Architects
  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

Guy Tarrant Architects seeks to produce buildings that make a meaningful contribution to the lives of their users and the environments in which they are situated. We are engaged with people and their stories, and we work in close collaboration with our clients to create buildings that elegantly and purposefully reflect their desires and aspirations.

We are committed to creating enduring, sustainable buildings that serve successive generations of users well, believing that all those involved in the architectural process have a duty to build wisely and with a consideration for the future. This approach marries with our desire to deliver an outstanding outcome regardless of a project’s scale or budget.

We have a strong interest in the way buildings are assembled, which translates into carefully resolved documentation for every project and a particularly high level of involvement through the construction stage. We strive to foster a collaborative partnership with all those invested in the building process and beyond, recognising that the best architecture results from skilled people working in an environment of mutual trust and respect.

The small scale of our architecture and interiors practice allows us to adopt a bespoke approach for each project and to maintain an unparalleled investment in all stages of the design and construction process. We take pride in delivering highly-crafted buildings and our design approach focuses on space and form as well as the minute details that contribute to a considered outcome. In order to achieve a cohesive result, our design services extend to advising on the selection of interior fittings.

Winner of two NZIA national awards, the Sir Ian Athfield Award for Housing, 10 NZIA local awards, HOME magazine Best City House and City Home of the Year, HOME magazine Home of the Year runner-up.